Philipswireless portable spea kerBluetooth®Audio-chainBuilt-in microphone for calls10W, rechargeable batterySB5200BGreat sound · Ruggedized · ChainableKeep the party pumping wherever you go with the epic sounding SB5200 portable speake r and its hot design. Hit the Indoor mode for crisp, clear sound at home, or flick it to Outdoor mode and crank the volume to get people jumping.Sound that blows you away• wOOx™ loudspeaker Technology for deep and pow erful bass• 2 selectable sound settings tuned for Outdoor and Indoor use• Outdoor mode for bigger and louder music• Indoor mode for deep bass and clarity for high quality soundDesigned to go places• Rugged design and over size strap for active use• Built-in rechargeable battery for even better portabilityAdvanced versa tility• Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth• Chain multiple BR-1Xs into a bi gger music system• Built-in microphone for speaker phone co nversation• Audio-in for easy portable music playback

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