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Philips GoGear audio playerQuick start guide1234SA1300SA1330without FM tunerSA1305SA1333SA1335with FM tunerInstallConnectand chargeT ransferEnjo ysa13xx_QSG_01eng.qxd 2006-03-16 12:28 Page i

1472580369PROGAUDIO MUTEGOTOVOL+ZOOMDSCDBBOKSYSTEM MENUMODECLOCK A-BSLEEP/TIMERDISPLAYOSDDISC MENUDISC AUXTUNERSUBTITLECR2025MCD139Quick Star t GuideWhat’ s in the Bo xY ou should find these items upon opening the bo x.1Quick Start GuideQuick start

➠REAR LSUBWOOFERREAR RCENTERFRONT L FRONT RQ UICK USE GUIDE 12nc: 8239 300 38562HTS3400HTS3410D 1 what’ s in the bo x 2 connect TV 3 connect subw oof er , speak ers and antennas 3a Placement of speak ers 3c Connect the FM and AMantennasREAR

3Enjo yStart disc playback A Press ç to open the disc tray. B Place a disc with the disc label facing up. C Press ç to close the disc tray. D Playback starts automatically. E If the disc menu appears on the TV, use   keys or the

1Quick star t guideENWhat’ s in the bo x2ConnectSetupEnjoy3© Royal Philips Electronics N.V . 2009All rights reser ved.Specifi cations are subject to change without notice . T r ademarks are the proper ty of Koninklijke PhilipsElectronics N.V . or

DVP 5982DVD Video PlayerQuick Star t GuideWhat’ s in the bo xD VD Video Play erRemote Controland 2 AAA batteriesUser ManualQuick Start GuideComposite Audio/Video CablesAUDIO OUTDIGITALOUTTV OUTCOAXIALCOMPONENT VIDEO OUTHDMI OUTVIDEO IN(CVBS)TV1Conne

DVP5990DVP5992DVD Video PlayerQuick Star t GuideWhat’ s in the bo xD VD Video Pla yerRemote Controland 2 A AA bat teri esUser ManualComposite Aud io/V ideo Cab lesVIDEO IN(CVBS)1ConnectAudio and Video P owerHDM I INVIDEO IN(CVBS)V (Pr/Cr)U (P

TVAUDIO INVIDEO INThis portable DVD pla yer is designed with abuilt-in lithium battery to supply power to thepla yer when you are on tra vel.1 Slide the PO WER switch to the OFF position (charging of the D VD play er only possible inthe power -o

Philips GoGear audio video playerQuick start guide1234SA3214 SA3215SA3216 SA3224SA3225 SA3226SA3244 SA3245SA3246InstallConnectand ChargeT ransferEnjo y

AJ100Clock RadioQUICK ST AR TMISE EN SER VICE RAPIDEINICIO RÁPIDO Thanks f or buying Philips AJ100 clock radio. Our Quick Star t guides you thr ough just some of the featur es on the set. Please r ead our instruction booklet to really rise & shi