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123Quick star t guide8FF3CD W8FF3CME10FF3CD W10FF3CME10FF3CMIConnectSetupEnjoyENPhotoFr ame

1Choosing mains Supplya Connect the A C mains lead to the A C MAINS inlet and the wall socket..-OR-b Open the batter y door and inser t 6 x D batteries. ST ANDBY ONypow er on/ off switch. Quick UseGuideQuick UseGuide1a3b2Listening to the Radioa

There ar e many wa ys to connect y our new D V D / VCR to your T ele vision and other equipment. This Quick StartGuide sho ws the easiest, most common connection.Higher quality connections are e xplained in the accompanying o wner’ s man ual and wi

TVAUDIO INVIDEO INThis portable DVD pla yer is designed with abuilt-in lithium battery to supply power to thepla yer when you are on tra vel.1 Slide the PO WER switch to the OFF position (charging of the D VD play er only possible in thepower -o

1 CO NNE CT THE D V D RE CO R DE R Conn ect th e ant enn a cabl e fr om th e w all ant enn a outl et t o th e RF I N t er min al on th eback of th e DVD r ecor der. Use an oth er an te nna cabl e to c on nec t the D

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AJ130AJ130BClock RadioQUICK ST AR TMISE EN SER VICE RAPIDEINICIO RÁPIDO Thanks f or buying Philips AJ130 clock radio. Our Quick Star t guides you thr ough just some of the featur es on the set. Please r ead our instruction booklet to really rise

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