T ABLE OF C ONTENTS Getting StartedW arning/Precautions ........................................1Basic T elevision Hookups ...............................1Basic T elevision and Remote Operation .......................2How to Use the Onscreen Menu Controls ....................3Setting Up Y our T elevision for the First T ime ..........3-4• For details on product registration, warranty , and ser-vice refer to the other literature (Owner ’ s Manual)included with your TV information packet.Please retain all these materials and keep them handyfor future reference. W ARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK HAZ-ARD DO NOT EXPOSE THIS UNIT TO RAIN OREXCESSIVE MOISTURE.NOTE: This owner's manual is used with severaldifferent television models. Not all featur es (anddrawings) discussed in this manual will necessar-ily match those found with your television set.This is normal and does not requir e you contact-ing your dealer or r equesting service.3135 015 18431Quick Use and Setup GuideColor TelevisionTP3285C1121234567891011HOOKING UP YOUR TV (BASIC A NTENNA/C ABLE TV C ONNECTIONS) 75Ω INOUT175Ω LAUDIORMONITOROUTAV1 AV2VIDEOS-VIDEO2Your Cable TV input intoyour home may be asingle (75 ohm) cable, or aConverter Box installation.In either case the connec-tion to the TV is very easy .Just put the thr eaded endof the cable signal to theTV's antenna plug andscr ew it down tight.CABLE TVCABLE INPUT /CONVER TER 75Ω 2OROUT TO TVIN FROM ANT.175Ω LAUDIORMONITOROUTAV1 AV2VIDEOS-VIDEOThe basic Antenna, orCable TV , to VCR toTV connection is shown tothe right. For mor e infor-mation on other hookups(possible when CableConverter/Descramblerboxes ar e included) r efer toyour accessory VCR andCable Converter Owner'sManual for details. TV TO VCRBASIC CONNECTION If your Cable TV signalis a single round cable (75 ohm) then you're ready to con-nect to the TV . If you have a CableConverter Box:Connect the Cable TV signal tothe Cable Signal IN(put) plugon the Converter .Connect the Cable TV cable to the ANTENNA/CABLE plug on the TV .If you have a Cable Converter Box:Connect the OUT(put) plug from theConverter to the 75Ω plug on the TV . BEGINConnect yourAntenna or Cable TV signalto the IN FROM ANT(enna)plug on the VCR.Connect the OUT TOTV plug on the VCR to the75Ω plug on the TV (connect- ing cable supplied with theVCR.)BEGINBack of TVRound Cable 75Ω OhmCable TV ConverterBox ConnectionCable TV CompanyRemember:Set the TV for thetype signal you'vejust connected (seethe “T uner” sectionon page 3 of thisSet-Up Guide.)T o select only thechannel numbers onyour Cable systemsee “Auto Program"(page 4). If you use aCable Converter box,set the TV to thesame channel as theconverter's CH 3/4switch (on the rear ofthe converter .)SMART HELP Cable TV Signal InputRound Cable75Ω Supplied with VCROutdoorVHF/UHFAntenna300 to 75Ω Ohm AdapterCable TV signalBack of TVRefer to the Owner'sManual included with your VCR for other possible con-nections and TV/VCR operat-ing details.ORNOTE: The connecting cablefor the Converter is suppliedfrom the Cable TV Company .VCR75Ω 75Ω LAUDIORMONITOROUTAV1 AV2VIDEOS-VIDEO21Acombination antennar eceives normal br oad-cast channels (VHF 2-13and UHF 14-69). Y ourconnection is easy sincether e is only one 75Ω (ohm) antenna plug on theback of your TV - andthat’ s wher e the antennagoes. ANTENNA COMBINA TION UHF/VHF Remember ,be sure to set the TVfor the type signalyou've connected(see the “T uner”section on page 3 ofthis Set-Up Guide.)T o set the TV toselect only the chan-nel numbers in yourarea see how to“Program" or "Add"channels in memoryon page 4 (AutoProgram section).T o order any option-al accessory contactyour dealer or callthe toll-free accesso-ry ordering number(1-800-851-8885). SMAR T HELP If your antenna has around cable (75 ohm) on the end, then you're ready to connect it tothe TV .If your antenna has flat twin-leadwire (300 ohm), you first need to attach the antenna wires to thescrews on a 300 to 75 ohm adapter .Push the round end of the adapter (or antenna) onto the75Ω plug on the rear of the TV .If the round end of the antennawire is threaded, screw it downtight.300 to 75Ω AdapterCombination VHF/UHFAntenna(Outdoor or Indoor)T win LeadW ireRound Cable75Ω Back of TVBEGINORNote: For homes with separate UHF and VHFantennas you will need an optional combinerto connect to the TV .75Ω LAUDIORMONTOROUTAV1 AV2VIDEOS-VIDEOU/VCombiner75-300 Ohm AdapterBack of TV

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